Speaking For Growth

Berta's business savvy and networking prowess give audiences key insights into what makes powerful connections possible in the professional and personal world.

From generosity-focused networking efforts to personal freedom, Berta's keynote roster is packed with content that catalyzes growth for individuals and industries alike.

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Berta Medina is a Networking Expert, leveraging years of personal success in her own business to teach individuals and organizations how to make networking effective and fulfilling.


Berta teaches audiences how to build a robust mental tool-set to help them achieve their biggest goals, no matter the difficulty. Using analogies and memorable visuals, audiences will leave with a new outlook on climbing their personal mountains.


Berta helps audiences discover their fears and teaches the mindset necessary to turn them on their heads. Crush limiting beliefs and create a new narrative for your life.

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Overcoming Competition Through Service Culture

Berta Medina teaches audiences the tools for genuine networking. Audiences will learn to ignite interest by showing interest in others. By developing an outstanding and unique service culture laced with generosity, you will have access to an inimitable process for acquiring prospects, keeping loyal customers, and creating ambassadors for your brand that will spread sought after word-of-mouth legitimacy for your business.


They will learn how to shift the focus of networking to include purpose and perspective to change their results and magnify their networking efforts exponentially. They will discover a suite of questions and listening skills that create emotional connections that last.


Through Q&A and interactive exercises, audiences will learn and practice the tools they need to create meaningful connections in the new economy. Becoming Competition Proof redefines the rules of customer service. Berta's value matrix is based in customer-centric, generosity-focused factors.


Audiences will learn to create brand loyalty that outlasts transactions. People work with people they know, like, trust and who are leading from generosity.


Learn to over-deliver in value so that your brand stands out among the competition, even long after a transaction.

Discover the external-focus that companies use to cement themselves as industry leaders.

Leverage the power of mutually beneficial introductions to become an in-demand 'connector' and boost brand loyalty

Use F.O.R.M. questions to maximize impact during their interactions

Leverage your value matrix to create word-of-mouth ambassadors for your company

Create a friendly and likable brand with a generosity-focused image focused on impact -- not dollars

Uncover the building blocks of powerful teams who love the impact they're making



Achieving Your Goals through Dynamic Accountability

When it comes to climbing mountains, heading up to the summit without the right tools could spell disaster. So why should we treat our own monumental life goals any different?

After climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, Berta Medina spotted an invaluable parallel. if we're so keen on bringing along the tools and skills necessary to take on physical challenges, we should be just as prepared for our goals with mental tools we need to surmount our
greatest challenges.


In "What's your GPA?" audiences will build a robust mental toolset to help them achieve their biggest goals, no matter the difficulty. By sharing clever analogies between her kit of mountain-climbing essentials and our inner world, Berta teaches us a simple way to
visualize the things we need to find success.

Berta's toolkit is a simple and profound look at the things we need to get the things we want -- tools everyone should have at the ready to achieve their dreams.


Learn the memorable visual GPA analogy that prepares them to achieve their grand vision.
Find drive and motivation with three simple words that keep them going, even when the going gets tough
Inspire themselves through taking action and rewriting their own story
Learn a crucial introspective skill to self-moderate and maintain alignment with what they truly want
Apply the HEART method to their networking infrastructure to create an endless stream of brand ambassadors

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Facing Our Fears and Exploring the Truth

In "Naked and Unafraid," audiences will learn about what it means to face their fears. They will discover how their biggest worries can become their greatest allies. By being vulnerable, we expose ourselves to the truth. By exploring the truth, we can find viable paths to overcoming our vulnerabilities.

When we flip our fears on their head, we can overcome limiting beliefs and doubts that keep us from achieving more. Audiences will learn to identify these fears and where they came from -- whether from themselves or others. They will learn a powerful, always-accessible tool to overcoming their fears on a daily basis, one step at a time. This exercise of emotional fortitude turns fears into fuel
and motivation to bring them to new heights of personal success.


To create an attitude of resilience and lasting emotional strength, we must first become vulnerable. This isn't the advice most people want to hear. We want the easy answer -- a way to walk around the fire instead of through it. But when we are honest about what scares us and why, we find a deep well of power in our authenticity.


Learn fail-proof methods to face and conquer their fears and limiting beliefs
Fast-track their achievements through building a resilient attitude.
Implement confidence-boosting tools and techniques to help safe-moderate and stay attuned to their values.


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