The Why is the Way

The Why is the Way


Berta Medina-Garcia is a "realistic optimist." By blending heavy doses of bright-sided attitude with honest and reflective action, she believes we can achieve our highest purpose.

In "The Why is the Way," Berta focuses on five pillars of fulfillment and purpose. This inspiring puzzle of personal goals and external forces will help you discover a new way of thinking and a more holistic way of living the life you deserve and desire. Starting from the foundations of your personal motivators and ending in a focus on generosity, you'll take a motivational, enlightening journey through what it takes to be the best version of yourself.

What's Inside:

In this small and powerful book, you'll learn:

-How comfort and complacency are hurting your chances for a better life.

-How a one-word question can help you navigate life's roughest waters (this simple-but-complex question can change your life in an instant).

-How to create specific, actionable goals and stay motivated through the excuses.

- How you're limiting yourself through self-talk and how to break free from your inner critic.

- How to create a "tribe," that supports you and slams your potential into overdrive.

-Why gratitude and giving are the most powerful tools you have at your disposal.

And much more...

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