Lessons from the Roof of Africa

Lessons from the Roof of Africa


When Berta Medina-Garcia — a "voluntourist" with a lifelong dream of visiting Africa discovers an unbelievable opportunity to work with a charitable organization known as One Child Matters, she doesn't think twice before asking to join. What Berta doesn't know is that this isn't your average charity. Berta and 22 other intrepid sponsors have been tasked with summiting Mount Kilimanjaro— the world's
tallest free-standing mountain — in order to raise funds for Maasai children in need.

During her 7 days on the mountain, Berta discovers that, in giving selflessly, we end up receiving a whole lot more than we bargained for. Join Berta on a transformative journey as she explores the importance of giving, discovers what it truly means to listen to ourselves and shares her incredible experience as a first-time voluntourist.

From her months of training to her first time at Kilimanjaro's base, Berta details the hardship and triumph of climbing the mountain, all the while meeting incredible and compassionate people from shop keeps to fellow climbers. During her expedition, Berta explores what makes us tick show that giving to those in need can teach us humility, help us discover who we are, and change our lives forever.

All funds raised from this book will be donated to One Child Matters, a charitable organization.

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