Becoming Competition Proof

Becoming Competition Proof


Learn the simple, repeatable process that will help you overcome your competition and build a powerful, supportive business network.


In "Becoming Competition Proof," Berta Medina teaches you how to create an outstanding and unique service culture laced with generosity. Acquire more prospects, create more loyal customers, and amass brand ambassadors that will create word-of-mouth legitimacy for your business.


The core of BCP is networking -- something most of us dread but need desperately in the modern age of severed connections. Learn how perspective helps you shift the focus of networking and learn to love the process. Discover a suite of questions and listening skills that creates emotional connections that last.


Networking really is "the secret" to creating a brand that lasts. People work with people they know, like, and trust -- and it's time for you to revolutionize your networking habits and Become Competition-Proof


- Practice powerful F.O.R.M. questions to maximize impact during your personal or professional interactions.


- Discover the Card Capture technique that puts you in total control of your network.


- Leverage the power of mutually beneficial introductions to become an in-demand 'connector' and boost brand loyalty.


- Discover the two most important questions to ask a new connection that build instant trust.


- Set up a nearly-automatic top-of-mind 'funnel' to effortlessly keep yourself on your prospects' radars.

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