Ready for Change? It's Time to Go Coach Shopping

Let me put it this way: if you're here, it's for a good reason.

You want change. You crave something new-- some kind of improvement. If you're even thinking of hiring a coach, you're already winning the battle against apathy. Something is guiding you closer to your goals. And when you get that fire under you, you may as well use it!

Once you have decided to use coaching to "level up", it means you're ready. Even if you've got that tiny seed of an idea in your head, it'll germinate! Something has inspired you to make some moves, and there's no better time than the present to live the life you want.

But there are lots of coaches out there. So how do you go about picking the right one?

Here are two tips you should always heed when you're shopping for a coach:

1. Avoid seeking low-cost or discounted coaching

Price isn't always directly correlative. There are lots of great coaches out there that are selling themselves short (and not practicing what they preach). But you do get what you pay for when it comes to yourself. Let me explain.

When you're willing to pay a big investment, you're automatically putting more skin in the game. The psychological response to losing or misusing a big sum of money is a mighty motivator.

When you pay just a tiny bit for something, you're less likely to treasure it and will bring less of yourself because you're not worried about juicing every last penny you've invested. But when a big sum is on the line, you'll find that you perform better, show up more often, and stick to the game plan.

2. Coaching is what you bring to it

I can't emphasize that enough! Coaches who stick to the methodology aren’t there to give you advice. It isn't our job to tell you what to do. If a coach is telling you exactly what to do, what's the point?

The end-game for coaching is to help you discover your own strength and solve your problems in your own way. If a coach tells you what to do, it's just not sustainable and you'll be with them for a long, long time.

So you have to bring your knowledge and gumption to the table to get the most out of it. You have to be willing to talk things through and bring solutions that make sense to you and your lifestyle, not someone else's.

Different coaches use different (but similar) methods to bring out your best. Some coaches focus on organization and planning, others focus on the more emotional aspects. Everyone has something great to bring to the table.

I'll use myself as an example. My whole coaching practice is based on building foundations. I focus on creating tools for my clients to use long after our relationship is over. In fact, I only work with clients for one year (mind you, it's for the whole year).

I use a system I call D.I.G.S. It's the basis for my Momentum Strategy program. It's all about destroying limiting beliefs, creating confidence, and following through on goals. It's a little more robust than coaching (I actually call it an Achievement Advisory), but guidance is still at the heart of it.

Time, Commitment, Improvement

I take ten clients every year (only ten clients) and focus on self-discovery, organization, goal-setting, and accountability. The program builds you from the ground up so that, when the reins are off, you can use the tools and strategies I provide for a lifetime.

Most passionate coaches will take the time to tailor everything to your needs. Though they might provide "homework" that is generalized, everything they do will be for your benefit and made for your personality and lifestyle. My program is no different. People have actually told me that the description I have is very generalized. I agree. I never know the exact details of the program until I meet and build it around my client.

If you have to come back to a coach year after year, what's the point? (Note: that's just how I see it. Some people like a long-term coaching relationship, so there's no wrong way to do it).

In my practice, I sometimes work with personal goals, but the Momentum Strategy is particularly powerful for business-based goals. I take people from fantasizing to strategizing over the course of a year. To some, a year may seem like a long time, but when you think of the single-year investment and a lifetime of potential success, it's a flash in the pan.

Of course, if a year doesn't sound like the right fit for you, that's totally fine. You're not doing anything wrong by skipping over one coach and looking for another. It's all about finding the right fit for you as far as time, your mission, and your mindset at the time.

If you're interested…

If something like The Momentum Strategy sounds like your cuppa tea, then I'd love to hear from you. If you have any questions about how coaching works or specifics of our program, hit the contact button at the top or send us a chat at the bottom right of your screen. We'd love to hear from you!

Enrollment is currently open but space is limited and this program will fill up in January for 2019. Click here to head to the page and learn a little more and sign up for early enrollment.

You can apply for one of the ten spots by scheduling a discovery session today via the contact tab or the small message box at the bottom of the Momentum Strategy webpage.

Thanks for reading! Hope to talk soon!

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