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You're the one they'll remember 

at your next Networking Event

Becoming Competition Proof Virtual Seminar

Becoming Competition Proof is all about revolutionizing the way you connect with prospects and new allies. In this 2.5 hour workshop, you'll learn (and practice) a step-by-step system that will make you fall in love with networking.

Small businesses need an edge in the age of online shopping and fierce Fortune 500 competition. The best way to stand out is connecting with the people behind the business. When you're handing out business cards and people-hopping at networking events, it can feel like a slog at best and a waste of time at worst.

But there's an easy, repeatable way to get the most out of networking. In Becoming Competition Proof, you'll learn how to connect with people genuinely so you can surprise prospects and potential allies and make friendships that transcend business connections.

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