Momentum Strategy

The Four-Step Business Program

Introducing the

D.I.G.S Method

The D.I.G.S. Method is all about building your life from the ground up. Starting broad, you'll discover the ideals and values that drive you. These are the crucial components in helping those people who can use your help the most.


After we've built up your foundations, we'll move over into the specifics of where you're at. We'll take inventory of where you stand in your business and the tools you have available to build it up.

After we take an inventory and discover your strengths, we'll move onto achievable goals based directly on what you have right now. That means that each goal you build is based in reality, which will give you the upper hand on your journey to achieving them.

Finally, once we have your foundation, inventory, and goals in place, you'll have all of the necessary tools to start achieving

Using the most powerful motivating tool -- accountability --  we'll keep you on track throughout your journey by checking in and making trackable metrics for your progress.

Your Investment: $2,000 / Month


We dive deep into who you are, what drives you, and how you help your ideal clients. 


No matter where you are, we'll take stock of where you are and where you want to be.


Using what drives you and what we discover in your inventory phase, we'll create a series of goals based on your ultimate outcomes.


Using our Momentum Strategy Accountability Methodology, you'll stay on track and achieve perpetual results.