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Whether you've been trying to grow your operation for years and haven't budged or are just setting out and want to make leaps and bounds with your growth, you need a method that helps you grow at the right pace to avoid overwhelm and the big bad wolf of small business scaling: "biting off more than you can chew."

Don't scale; Climb!

The Climb method helps you steadily build on your business using metrics, vision, and efficient processes to guarantee consistent growth.  During the process, you'll reinvent your vision for your business, find out how to use the tools you have now, and work toward growth with confidence and clarity.


The Clarity Intensive

You wouldn't climb K-2 without the prep-work. You should treat your business growth with the same respect and attention as the highest mountain peaks.

The clarity workshop helps you get your philosophy in the right place so all your actions can stay on the right path over the course of your growth.


Your growth journey starts with the Clarity workshop.  We will work together to create a vision for your business within the next 1, 3 or 5 years. With a visual goal in mind, you can make great strides in the present to secure  a successful future.


You'll create your Company Compass, using your personal motivations -- why did you start your company in the first place and what's your vision?  Your compass is a valuable tool in your climbing kit that will keep you connected to your goals as you climb toward the summit toward the achievement of your goals. 



When you're at the base of a mountain, staring up at the peak, you're already organizing a game plan. Climbing is not just about going up; it's about giving yourself the best path to summit successfully.


The way your business is organized can make or break your growth efforts, and I'll help you figure out exactly where you need to focus for maximum growth efficiency.

The organization phase is an in-depth review on your systems, processes, and methodology. We'll take an in-depth assessment approach and an honest review to discover where the gaps are and find ways to bridge those gaps to move forward. 

We'll cover your sales and prospecting process and find new ways to expand your customer base and your impact. If you're a solopreneur, we'll also find ways to grow your organizational muscles to dramatically improve your time efficiency which is the number one blocker for most solopreneurs. For organizations, we will add the elements of creating unbreakable communication, unified vision and uncovering an uplifting impact-driven bottom line. 

The Short-Term Sprint

Now you're on your mountain and have all the tools at your disposal. It's time to put them to work. When your business is climbing, you'll take every trail piece-by-piece in sprints.  Set your one-year goal and discover the reverse-engineering trick to reach it.

This is where the pick hits the ice. Your one-year-goal is finally here, and it's your chance to put everything you've learned into action. I'll help you set an attainable (but challenging) goal to reach within your first year.

Once we have your big-picture concept, we'll turn those goals into quarterly, monthly, and weekly goals for you, your leadership and your entire team to follow.

You'll also notice big differences right away as we set your short-term sprint goal with the right priorities.


Mountains aren't just about bases and peaks. They're summitted with consistent gains in foot-after-foot of elevation. The same goes for your business. We don't measure successes by only waiting for the accomplishment of gargantuan goals because we understand it's the smaller consistent steps we take that will get us where we're going. We measure every step you take, because each one counts as much as the last. 

Over the course of your sprint (and beyond), we'll set up metrics for weekly, monthly, and quarterly goals that you can keep track of. Every goal we set will have a tangible aspect of accountability.

When you have clear, measurable markers to track, you'll see yourself and your teams making more efficient decisions to get there right on time.

The Climb

By this time, you've got a well-oiled machine moving toward your W/M/Q goals. This is the big-leagues: the climb. 

Now that all the tools are in place and you have a successful system in motion, together we'll keep an eye on the metrics and provide gentle guidance along the way. We'll check in monthly to keep you moving toward your peak and tweak your metrics to reach your customized goals.  The climb is all about consistency and perseverance -- it's all about sprints, measurements, and keeping your vision alive.

If you're looking to grow your business, you've come to the right place.


Get ready to CLIMB

Your 6-Month Program Includes:


  • Vision intensive: spend 2 days in an immersive environment (beach or mountains). Identify your vision and extract the gems for the rest of your program.

  • Customized CLIMB program built around your business

  • One-on-One, Results-Focused coaching sessions